Planning for The Rockwell Club officially began in January 1996. “Redefining the Good Life” was the Club’s vision. Experts from International leisure Consultants were brought in to help make this vision a reality. 

Rockwell Center opened its gates to the public in 1998, and within a year was able to create a gentle, leisurely setting for city living that has since, become a model for new developments throughout the metro. In April 1999, the Rockwell Club began to take its form, with the assembly of a top team to oversee everything from hiring the service crew to choosing the china, to taste-testing the Club’s wide range of menus. 

The creation of the Rockwell Club’s greenery, pools and landscape architecture began in May 1999. The concept was based on cascading waters, brooks, and natural water elements that would run the length of the entire garden. 

July 1999 saw the opening of the Rockwell Club to members. State of the art equipment began filling up the gym, while tennis courts were built to match globally competitive specifications. The Club itself went under construction, as contractors undertook the task of building a new home for “the good life.” 

Just a month after construction began, furniture prototypes were brought in and approved for production. As the exterior architecture began taking shape, interior details, accessories, lighting fixtures and furnishings were chosen to breathe life into the Club. Interior design firm Craig Roberts and Associates saw to it that the designs created by designers Craig Roberts and Sazevich and Faulkner would come into fruition.

Dry-runs, menu refinement and even hanging of wall art began in October 1999, just two months shy of The Rockwell Club’s soft opening.

Today, The Rockwell Club has indeed succeeded in “Redefining the Good Life.” After being in operation for more than a decade, the Club has vastly improved its facilities and perfected and improved upon the services it renders. The goal of redefining the good life still lives on today, as the Club continually seeks to set new standards of luxury for its members.